10 Best Baby Floats 2017

If you have a water baby, having a baby float makes your life easy as he or she can enjoy in the pool or water tub without any danger or risk. There are many types of baby floats available in the market but not all floats are safe and comfortable for babies. It is very important to check for all safety features before putting the baby in the float to avoid any risks of injury or suffocation. If you are looking for a good baby float which helps your baby have a great time in the pool, here are ten baby floats which are safe and fun to use:

10 Best Baby Floats Review 2017

10. SwimSchool Fun Fish BabyBoat

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With a UPF-50 retractable sun shade, this extra-wide float comes in attractive colors and can support babies from up to 6 months to 18 months. The fish-shaped float has a comfortable seat with an open mesh area where the baby can sit and play comfortably in the pool. The compact design makes this float travel-friendly. It can be inflated when it is to be used and kept deflated when not in use.

What we like about it: The retractable sun shade is very useful for protecting your baby from the harmful rays of the sun when playing with water. The float is sturdy and comfortable for the babies.

9. Aqua Leisure Bouncing Butterfly Baby Boat

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The adorable butterfly shape of this float is great for babies. It comes with a 3-ply seat which is safe and very comfortable for the baby. The sun shade protects the baby from the sun. This sun shade is detachable and can be kept aside when enjoying the pool in the evening or night. The top is clear and gives a 3-D effect to the float. The price is lesser as compared to other floats in the market.

What we like about it: The attractive 3-D design of this float engages the baby and makes this float a great summer pool toy. The safety seat keeps the baby safe and comfortable all the time.

8. Baby Swimming Rings Fish Float Sunshade Swimming Inflatable Boat

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A car-shaped swimming float, this inflatable product is attractive and is designed for giving maximum protection and fun for your baby in the pool. The steering wheel allows the baby to hold it for support. The float also has a sunshade to protect the baby from the sun rays. The back support allows the baby to recline easily and rest while floating in the pool.

What we like about it: Babies love to steer their way around the pool with the steering wheel design which offers supports to the baby and makes them feel like they are driving a car.

7. WXDZ Baby Pool Floats

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With a cute boat design, this float comes with a canopy which keeps the baby protected from sun and the wind. The inflatable design makes this float easy to keep and carry around during traveling. It is made up of non-toxic PVC material which is safe for the baby. The float is suitable for babies from age 6-36 months. It also comes with a horn to keep the baby entertained.

What we like about it: The boat design is fun and entertaining for the baby. The safe and sturdy design makes this float safe for the baby without compromising on the design.

6. SwimSchool Lil’ Skipper Baby Boat

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One of the cheapest baby floats available in the market, this minimalist float comes in a vibrant blue and red color combination which is attractive. The adjustable backrest gives support to the baby while sitting in the float. The triple-layered seat offers full safety to the baby while enjoying in the pool. At this price, it is a great pool float for babies from age 6-18 months.

What we like about it: The attractive and elegant design of this pool float makes it easy for the babies to float in the pool without any difficulty. The lower price is an added advantage.

5. SwimWays Baby Spring Float Mommy and Me baby float

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The unique design of this float is what makes it a favorite among babies and adults. It comes with a detachable ring for adults which can be used by the parents. The soft mesh seat offers great comfort for the baby and the play zone can be used to keep some toys. The price is a little high but the dual functionality of this float makes it worth it. The dual air chambers make the float more sturdy and comfortable.

What we like about it: This float offers a float for the baby and one parent which make it a one-stop solution for all your pool parties. The sturdy and comfortable design offers full protection for the baby.

4. Intex My Baby Float

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The circular design of this baby float makes it a simple float for the baby’s starting sessions in the pool. The product has two rings for stability and can be used by babies of age up to 2 years. This float is one of the cheapest floats available in the market and is completely safe for the baby. The pillow backrest and seat straps add to the comfort of this float.

What we like about it: The fun and easy shape of this float makes it easy for the baby to enjoy in the pool without any difficulty. The low price is an added advantage.

3. SwimWays Baby Spring Float Sun Canopy

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The soft mesh design of this float with a sun canopy makes it a perfect float for those summer pool adventures. This float has all the necessary safety features like a low center of gravity, dual air chambers and safety valves which enhance the security of the float in the pool. The removable sun shade and a play area for keeping the toys keep the child protected and entertained. The price is a little high but the safety features of this float make it worth it.

What we like about it: The vibrant colors of this canopy float make it attractive. The soft and breathable material keeps the child comfortable and safe.

2. Intex 59574EP My Baby Float

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Another ring float, this small and simple floatation device is easy to use and carry around. The yellow color makes it easy to spot this float from a distance as babies should always be kept an eye on. The two rings provide stability to the float and seat straps secure the baby comfortably in the float. The price is great and this is one of the cheapest floats available in the market. The pillow rest supports the baby all throughout the pool session.

What we like about it: The simple design of this float makes it travel-friendly as the design is very compact. The ring design makes the float safe and secure.

1. SwimWays Baby Spring Float Sun Canopy

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The vibrant checks design of this product with the colorful canopy make this float an attractive toy for babies. The soft mesh canopy provides sun protection and keeps the baby happy and comfortable. The canopy is removable and the float folds easily keeping it compact for traveling purposes. The float has all the safety features necessary for ensuring the safety of the baby. The price of this float is cheaper as compared to other floats available in the market.

What we like about it: The safety features of this float make it a safe and secure option for babies who are starting their pool sessions. The float protects the baby from sun and provides ample play area.

Buyer Guide:

Summers are great for taking your baby out to the pool for some fun but it is very important to keep all the features in check to ensure maximum safety and comfort of your baby. There are many brands which offer pool floats for babies but not all floats are good for your baby. Keep the following features in mind when going to buy a pool float for your baby to get a good product:

  • Sun protection

Pool sessions are a must-have in summers but the harsh sun rays can damage your baby’s gentle and sensitive skin. A float with sun canopy is a must if you are going for outdoor pool sessions. This canopy can be removed when you are taking your baby to an indoor pool or bath tub. This canopy should be made up of a soft fabric material which shields the baby from the sun but does not add to the weight of the float.

  • Space & Size

Look for floats which are compact and lightweight when deflated for carrying it around easily. Floats which have a small area for keeping some toys should be preferred as toys keep the baby entertained in the pool. There are some great inflatable floats available in the markets which are easy to carry and keep when not in use. Floats which have adjustable leg height feature will help you save a lot of money as you can use the same product for a long time till your baby grows out of the float.

  • Safety Features

The safety of your baby is the most important criteria to check when buying a pool float as there are many things that can go wrong when using a float. Check for safety features like leakages, seat straps, and safety valves which keep the float stable in water. The center of gravity should be checked before placing the baby inside the float. Secure the baby comfortably in the float before lowering it in the pool for ensuring complete safety.

  • Price

Baby pool floats can cost anywhere between 10$ to 30$ depending on the features and brand. Look online for discounts available on your favorite product to save some money. Do not invest in very expensive floats as your baby can grow out of the float quickly and get bored of it.

  • Material

Look for products which are made up of a soft and breathable mesh material to ensure maximum comfort for your baby. It also allows your baby to feel the water against the skin. It also makes the float lightweight.

Here are some general tips and tricks you should keep in mind to get the maximum fun out of the pool float:

  • Always keep an eye on your baby when in the float to avoid any mishaps as babies can be very energetic and jump out of the float if not secured properly.
  • Remove the sun canopy when using the float indoors to help the baby enjoy the water without any restriction.
  • Do not keep many toys in the play area of the float which can obstruct the view of the baby.
  • An adjustable float which grows with your baby helps you save a lot of hassles and money as you do not have to buy a new float every time your baby grows in size.
  • Some floats come with detachable toys which can provide entertainment for your baby. Choose a float which suits the tastes of your baby in terms of color scheme and toys.
  • Keep the float deflated when not in use to protect it from damage due to any sharp objects in the house. Inflate it only when it is needed.

So these are some of the most popular baby floats which are great in terms of functionality and money. These floats are safe for the baby and are easy to carry around after deflating. Keep the above features in mind to get the ideal pool float which will help you and your baby to enjoy the cool pool in the summer season without any risks or hazards. So make a choice and go enjoy in the pool with your baby.

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