10 Best Baby Blankets 2017

When the weather is cold, a comfy blanket can keep your little one warm and cozy. This is why it helps to have a good supply of soft blankets in the nursery or while on the road, which you can use to have your child all bundled up when the temperature drops. In fact, we feature in this best baby blankets review some of our top picks that you can choose from – and they’re worth every single dollar you shell out.

10 Best Baby Blankets Review 2017

Seben Baby Muslin Swaddle 2-Pack Blankets

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If you want to give your child the softest blanket that’s breathable and warm at the same time, then these muslin baby blankets are perfect. Made of the finest material, your little one will have the perfect protection from the chilly weather when outdoors or inside the house. Since it’s made from muslin, it can stretch without any problem to make swaddling quite easy. In case it’s not too cold outside, but your baby needs some coverage, then you can simply use the unfolded blanket. Otherwise, you will have to fold it a few times to make it thick enough for your child.

What We Like About It: The adorable patterns on this blanket add a fascinating appeal to it, which is suitable for your baby. What’s more, the size is just right for a baby, so that makes it easy for you to bundle up your little one.

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Ziggy Baby 3-Pack Muslin Swaddle Blankets

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Just one touch of these muslin blankets, and you’ll get that feeling as though you’re caressing the clouds. These blankets are made from 100 percent cotton, which lends to the maximum soft feel against your skin. Aside from the warmth you can expect from these blankets, they’re easy on the eyes. You’ll love the delightful prints and patterns that are chic and fitting for a child, at the same time. Whether you use these as a burp cloth, pram cover, nursing cover, or a changing table cover, your baby will love these multi-purpose cotton blankets.

What We Like About It: With a generous size of 48″ x 48″, there’s plenty of room for this blanket if you want to swaddle your baby. We also love how the ends do not get frayed even after several washes.

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HALO Pure Cotton SleepSack Swaddle

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Babies have different sleep styles, so it’s best to swaddle them properly depending on what’s comfortable for them. This is why the HALO cotton swaddle offers three multiple ways for swaddling babies. You can wrap your baby with two arms out, or hands to the face, and keeping the arms in. As a convenient feature, the bottom can be unzipped easily. This makes it more efficient to change your baby’s diaper without removing the blanket at all.

What We Like About It: The design of this blanket seems well though out, with a sleeveless design to maintain the optimal temperature of your child, ample room for babies to kick, and a secure means of swaddling your little one.

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Taggies Assorted Design Little Plush Baby Blanket

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Does your baby suffer from sore gums? When your little one is teething, this can be a tough time for any parent and child to go through. To give some comfort, these plastic teether tags made of the softest material should help. In addition to serving the purpose of comforting your child in pain, these blankets are soft and safe for your precious baby. There are even colorful prints that are delightful to look at, which your kids will be instantly drawn to. As for the cleanup, it’s very easy – simply dump these blankets in the washer and get them all clean.

What We Like About It: Sometimes, all your baby needs is a blanket to soothe his or her naturally. This is why these teether tags are excellent because not only are they very soft, but they’re also a breeze to clean after use.

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Angel Dear Giraffe Print Pair and a Spare Three-of-a-kind baby blanket

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Lightweight, durable, and undeniably soft, this three-of-a-kind baby blanket is just the right swaddle or burp cloth for your child. It is gentle to the touch, as it is made of 100 percent polyester microfiber. Your baby will love to suck on the blankie’s corners or keep the head warm. With the multiple purposes of this blanket, it’s one item that every parent should never leave home without.

What We Like About It: We love how it’s not a pain to clean this blanket as you can simply throw it in the washer. With a 14″ x 14″ measurement, it’s just right as a cover cloth or burp blanket.

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Ziggy Baby Adjustable Swaddle Blanket

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There are multiple ways to swaddle babies, and you need to know what fits your child best based on his or her preference. With these swaddle blankets by Ziggy Baby, you won’t have a hard time wrapping your baby because of the several was to do it. Also, there are wings made of the softest fabric, which allow you to fasten securely and let it stay in place. So, if you can’t swaddle your baby like a pro, this blanket should make it easy for you.

What We Like About It: Whether you need the perfect baby shower gift or just an additional set of baby blankets in the nursery, these adjustable blankets by Ziggy Baby is a fine choice. The design is great for both girls and boys, and the overall feel it gives to your child is nothing but sheer comfort and contentment.

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Miracle Baby Blanket Swaddle in Grey Color with Yellow Trim

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Cotton blankets are always the best – just like this product that truly speaks for its name. Crafted from 100 percent cotton, these blankets can give your child a good night’s sleep no matter what the temperature indoors is. It offers an embryonic effect to your newborn, and this eliminates the fussy and figdety condition they may have. The blankets are soft no matter where your touch them, and there’s no Velcro that can scratch your child’s delicate skin.

What We Like About It: Babies and parents tend to be more deprived of sleep during the first few weeks, so it’s best to use the right swaddle blanket that will keep little ones contented. With the right size, ultra soft material, and fray-resistant quality of the blanket, it’s something you can have in the nursery for a long time.

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Luvable Friends Receiving Blankets – 4-Pack

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You have to remember that babies have delicate skin, so only the smoothest type of fabric is ideal for an infant blanket. This is why these Luvable Friends blankets are among our favorites because of the catchy designs, super smooth material, and cozy feeling that they bring. These are excellent for several purposes, too, such as cuddling, play time, nursing cover, and burp cloth.

What We Like About It: At 28″ x 28″, these blankets are just right for a newborn. The material is superb – soft, gentle to the skin, and baby-safe. We just think that perhaps a bigger blanket would be more ideal for swaddling.

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Luvable Friends 4- Count Flannel Receiving Baby Blankets

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Make every sleeping time a relaxing and cozy one with these receiving blankets that your baby will adore. These blankets are ideal for various purposes such as a burp cloth, cuddling, receiving, nursing cover, and sleeping. Although these are soft blankets, the total measurement may not suffice at 28″ x 28″. It should do well as a cuddling or burp cloth, though, or even to cover the stroller when the wind or sun is too intense.

What We Like About It: If you need a useful item as a baby shower gift, then this is your best bet. It comes with a nice packaging, but most importantly, all the blankets are remarkably soft and plush.

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Aden + Anais 4- Pack swaddle blankets

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With the right dimensions at 47″ x 47″, these cotton muslin swaddles are just what you’ve been wanting to buy. The material is breathable and comfortable, and the blanket is great when you change diapers, swaddle, or burp your child. For cleanups, just select soft wash for your washer, and leave it as it gets cleaner and ready for use.

What We Like About It: This is an outstanding swaddle for babies as the material is soft (and pre-washed). No matter how you want to use these cloths, your baby will love them because of the cuddly feel and softness that keep any swaddled child warm.

Baby Blankets Buyer Buyer Guide

Keeping your baby warm is the most important way to keep them safe from diseases as babies are unable to control their body temperature on their own. A good blanket will keep your baby warm and give him a good night’s sleep which is essential for rejuvenation. A baby blanket should feature in every parent’s checklist as it keeps the baby warm and protected when you are carrying or holding the baby. A blanket not only protects the baby from cold but also serves as a cover or base if you want to keep the baby down to change the diaper or feed him or her. There are various designs and materials in which blankets are available these days. We have put together a baby blankets buyer guide to help you to choose a blanket which will be your baby’s best friend during travels or sleeping at home.

What to look for when buying a baby blanket for your baby:

1) Material

Baby blankets come in a variety of materials like cotton, fleece, muslin, wool, silk etc. All these materials have their own pros and cons. Wool blankets are usually preferred for outer layer as it can be rough on the baby’s skin if used in the inner layer. Fleece blankets are preferred in colder climates as they insulate heat. Go for cotton and muslin material in the layers which touch the baby’s skin as they are the softest and most natural and let the baby breathe easily. You can also opt for cashmere blankets as they are extremely luxurious but they can be difficult to clean and maintain.

2) Type of blanket

Decide which type of blanket you need for your baby as there are different types depending upon the requirement. The various types include sleeping sacks, security blankets, quilts, swaddling blankets etc. Swaddling blankets are used for wrapping newborn babies to calm them down. Security blankets come in fleece and other luxurious materials. They do not serve warming purposes but are great for toddler years as the baby gets attached to the blanket. Sleep sacks are traditional blankets which allow the baby to sleep comfortably without any risk of falling or removing the blanket. Quilts are thicker blankets which are used as bedding or base of the crib for providing comfort to the baby.

3) Size

Choosing the right size of the blanket is very important as it can be tricky to find the correct size. Go for smaller blankets when the baby is young as a large blanket will increase falling or strangulation hazards. Choose the size as per the age of your baby to get the right blanket for keeping your baby comfortable and warm. When you child grows out of the blanket, buy a bigger one. Otherwise, the cold feet will hamper his or her sleep at night and make the baby fidgety.

4) Durability

A baby’s blanket is going to be dirty all the time and washing it multiple times can cause the fabric to wear. Choose a material which is easy to maintain and clean as the baby is going to drop food, clean saliva and pee on the blanket often. A durable material will keep the blanket in shape for a long time and make it look as good as new. Choose a blanket which is easy to wash and dry in the machine so that you do not have to clean the stains by hand. Some materials require dry-cleaning so read the label before taking it for a routine wash.

5) Price

Your baby is going to spend a lot of time with this blanket, so investing in a good blanket is important. Do not compromise on the quality and material as a good quality blanket will last a long time even after multiple washes and use. Another point to keep in mind is that do not buy a very luxurious blanket which is expensive. The material will be very difficult to maintain and clean and stains will not go easily. Choose a blanket which justifies its price and can be used for all purposes like traveling and sleeping the baby.

Apart from these main factors, there are some other general shopping tips you need to know before you go shopping for the right baby blanket for your baby:

  • 1) Buy blankets which have no toxic or harmful materials and have a seal or guarantee of the same. All natural materials are healthy for the baby and will prove to be beneficial in the long run.
  • 2) If you baby has allergies, buy a blanket which can be washed easily in the washing machine in hot water. Hot water will remove all germs and allergens easily without any efforts.
  • 3) Choose a blanket with a natural filling inside to absorb sweat easily. Babies have trouble regulating their body temperatures so it is important to choose a blanket which is neither too warm nor too cold.
  • 4) Buy a blanket which is great for year round to avoid going for a separate blanket in summers and winters. All season bedding comes with layered blankets which can be used in all seasons. The double layered blankets keep the baby cool in summers and warm in winters.
  • 5) A patterned quilt or blanket is also a good option when you want to carry the baby around during outings or holidays. The look good, provide a cushion and are comfortable for the baby as well.

So these are some of the factors you need to consider before buying a blanket for your baby. A blanket is a multi-purpose product and this Baby Blankets Buyer Guide will help you to make an informed decision. Go through different products and buy the one which feels right in terms of material and size. This blanket will give your baby company in cold nights and keep them comfortable in warm summers. Go for the one which suits your budget as a product should justify the price as well. Gift your baby a peaceful night’s sleep with a warm and comfortable blanket after considering all these factors.


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