10 Best Baby Carrier 2017

A baby carrier can keep your hands free while making sure your little stays close to you. However, what’s the best brand and model of baby carrier should you get, considering numerous options to choose from? In this baby carriers review, we feature 10 of the top products in the market, so you can make the best purchasing decision worth your dollar.

10 Best Baby Carrier Review 2017

Boba 4G Baby Carrier (Dusk)

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Sometimes, all your baby needs is the assurance that you’re as close to him or her as possible. This is why the Boba baby carrier makes it happen by keeping your child near to you. It’s perfect for babies up to 45 pounds. You’ll love a number of features that this baby carrier offers such as the back and front carry options to customize your preference, foot straps for added safety, and an ergonomic design to enhance your child’s comfort.

What We Like About It: This baby carrier is not only feature-rich, but it’s the type that you can use for your child even during toddlerhood. Just be sure to comply with the weight restrictions to prevent any safety issue.

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SIX-Position Lillebaby ergonomic carrier (Stone)

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Choose from 6 different positions available for this baby carrier by Lillebaby. Instead of the usual back and front carry style, there are a few other options possible with this 360-degree multi-position carrier. The seating is comfortable while making sure that your child stays secure. What’s more, it’s suitable for newborns with a minimum weight of 7 pounds until the time your little one reaches 45 pounds. There’s even an adjustable padded head support to keep your baby’s neck and head in the right position.

What We Like About It: We think that a carrier is an important item to add to your list of baby essentials. In particular, we like this product because it comes with an ergonomic design and just about all the important features that make it comfortable not only for the child, but for the parent, as well.

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NimNik Multi-Facing Positions Baby Sling

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This lovely baby sling by NimNik features a comfortable space for your child whenever you tag him or her along as you run your errands. It’s lightweight, well-designed, and cozy, which make it a fine investment for new parents out there. There’s a lumbar support for parents, plus a shoulder strap with ample padding and adjustable design. You can also choose from a front- or back-facing seating style that matches your little one’s preference. As for ease of maintenance, simply throw this into the washer to keep it clean in a snap.

What We Like About It: If you want a baby carrier that gives you multiple options, then this item is your best bet. It’s customizable according to your child’s and your preference, and cleanup is a breeze because of the carrier’s machine-washable design.

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Baby K’tan Baby Carrier

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A practical and convenient way to bring your baby with you, this carrier ensures the safety and comfort of your child at all times. There’s a head support for your child and a double-loop design to distribute your little one’s weight for your own comfort. It even has a variety of purposes whether as a baby carrier, wrap, or sling. Switching from one position to another is quick and simple without having to deal with rings, snaps, hardware, buckles. Plus, it’s made of 100 percent natural cotton that is moisture-wicking and ultra soft against your baby’s skin.

What We Like About It: When in search of a baby carrier, it’s important to select the best material used for it. With the cotton fabric for this carrier, you can be sure that it’s soft and comfortable for your child’s delicate skin. It’s also a breeze to convert it into different positions according to your preference.

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Ergobaby 4-Position Baby Carrier (Grey)

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Baby carriers are supposed to be supportive and comfortable at the same time. Well, with this carrier, you can never go wrong. It’s got 4 positions for the seating while making sure that it supports the natural C position of your child’s spine. If you wish, you may roll down the back panel for the different positions you choose while keeping your child’s back, neck, and head properly supported.

What We Like About It: This is one of our favorite baby carriers in the market because of its extra wide waistband that adds support to parents’ lower back and the cozy sleeping hood for the baby. It’s even effortless to clean because of its machine-washable feature for easy maintenance.

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Tula Infant Insert – Gray

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By adding this insert to the carrier, you can provide your child with proper support for the neck and head while ensuring the correct alignment of the spine when placed in a front-facing style. There’s even a safety harness integrated to the insert, which gives you the peace of mind that your child is safe and sound while seated. Keep in mind, though, that this insert is only advisable to be used on carriers until your baby reaches 15 pounds in weight.

What We Like About It: An extra safety component adds to your child’s comfort while in a carrier, this is why an infant insert by Tula is worth buying. It offers an additional support for the head, neck, and spine, while providing an even cozier environment for your little one.

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Ergobaby Infant Insert Easy Snug (Grey)

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A newborn’s body is very delicate, so you need to do everything to can to ensure his or her safety while in a baby sling or carrier. This is why this Ergobaby insert is suitable to use for kids about 7 to 12 pounds, particularly with a less stable neck and head control. It features an M-shape position for the leg, visibility of baby’s face, C-curved spine, and proper support for the neck and head. There’s even an improved design for the back panel to facilitate airflow.

What We Like About It: Never risk your child’s safety when placing him or her in a carrier. With this infant insert, you can boost your baby’s comfort and security while promoting the proper alignment of the spine, neck, and head.

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BABYBJORN Original Baby Carrier (Black)

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Whether you have a newborn or a 5-month old baby, this carrier by BabyBjorn should be perfect and safe to use. It’s safe to use even without an infant insert as the design provides a healthy muscle development and balance while making sure the arms and legs can move comfortably. To remove your child from the carrier, just unfasten the buckles on the side – and it won’t even wake your snoozing little one. Front or back-facing, you can be sure this carrier keeps your child well taken care of regardless of the carry style you prefer.

What We Like About It: This BabyBjorn carrier offers a safe and cozy haven for your child while nestled close to you. It’s got side buckles that you can simply unfasten to place your sleeping baby to his or her bed – and without waking your little angel up.

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Infantino 4-in-1 Advanced Convertible Baby Carrier (Light Grey)

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Infants and toddlers will find this carrier comfortable while mommy or daddy go about their errands. It comes with an ergonomic design and freedom for the arms and legs to move about. In case you want to use this for your newborn or smaller baby, just adjust the seat to make it narrow. Then, expand it for your growing child to met his or her needs.

What We Like About It: Parents and babies love this convertible carrier because of the sheer comfort and support that it offers. The seating area has an adjustable width to provide just the right amount of space your little one needs.

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Moby Wrap Baby Carrier (Slate)

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Adjustable and comfy, this baby carrier is free from any component that will cause any discomfort or pain to your child. It’s customizable to fit the needs of your newborn, as well as twins! You can tighten the wrap as you wish or make it a little loose for ample room that your child prefers. There’s also an option to secure your child’s head right underneath the cotton fabric with a stretchy feature – another safety add-on to this carrier.

What We Like About It: When it comes with baby carriers, the more carry styles available, the better! This is why we absolutely love this product because it can be positioned as a sling, or even for a front- or back-facing carrier.

Baby Carriers Buyer Guide

Carrying your baby can be a tiring task if you do not have a good baby carrier to help you carry the baby efficiently and easily. A baby carrier is a soft cushioned wrap around your body which helps to keep the baby snug without occupying your hands. This allows you to do other household chores and avoid having pain in the back and hands. A simple and supportive carrier will become your baby’s best friend as babies love to be carried and this is the ideal way to carry them without any difficulties or obstructions. If you are looking for good baby carriers, this baby carriers buyer guide will help you choose the best model available in the market based on many features elaborated below:

1) Type of baby carrier

There are many types of carriers available in the market. You should choose a model which is suiting your requirements. There are four main types which are front carriers, slings, wraps, and backpacks. The baby faces you in the front carriers and it is best suited for newborn babies. A sling is a loose fabric worn over the body and is good for nursing mothers. The wrap is also just a wide fabric worn over the body but it is more supportive as it goes on both shoulders. The backpack carriers are great for carrying toddlers as they love to be carried on the back.

2) Safety & Support

The safety of the carrier is of utmost importance as loose straps and thin fabrics can cause accidents. All buckles and straps should be checked for any manufacturing defects and durability. Go for supportive padded carriers as they are comfortable for both the mother and the baby. The carrier which takes the support of both the shoulders and back is the best option as it does not harm your posture in the long run. Choose an ergonomic model which allows even weight distribution to your hips and spine for a comfortable time. It is also important to note that newborns should be placed in the carrier facing your body. Once they are old enough to support their necks by themselves, you can make them sit facing the outside world. This will ensure that your baby also enjoys the activities and adventures happening in front of him or her while you enjoy your evening walk.

3) Weight Support

Buy a carrier which can support the weight and height of your baby easily without any discomfort. Also, check the weight of the carrier itself as it is going to add to the baby’s weight. Heavy models can damage your spine after prolonged use. All the models come in various age-based sizes and make sure that you pick up the correct size. Using sturdy models with support harness which can handle the weight is the best way to carry your baby easily. Heavier babies should be carried on the back while young babies should be carried on the chest for proper support.

4) Ease of use

If you are nursing the baby, slings and wraps are easier to use but they also have some cons. They are easy to adjust if you want to feed the baby but the loose fabric also offers less support as compared to the sturdy versions. Make sure that you can put on the carrier or remove it easily with one hand as you will be holding the baby with the other. Also, carriers which make it easy for you to transfer the baby from carrier to crib or bassinet should be preferred. Cleaning is another factor which should be considered before investing in a carrier as babies can be very messy. A seat which can be washed easily without many efforts is a great option for working mothers.

5) Price

A carrier is a great product to ease your life but the price factor is also important as it is a big investment. Your baby is only going to use the carrier for a few months or so before he or she learns to walk and an expensive carrier will not be usable for long. Go for a model which justifies its price in terms of features and safety. An average carrier will cost around 50$ – 200 $ and more advanced versions can cost up to 300 $. Versatile models which are meant to work for newborns to toddlers can be even more expensive than the rest.

These are some of the main features you need to consider before buying a carrier for your baby but there are many small tips and tricks below which will help you make an informed decision:

  • 1) Always make sure that your baby is visible to you when he or she is in the carrier. Babies can suffocate in the carrier if it is too tight so buy a size which is neither too small nor too big for your baby’s age.
  • 2) Do not buy cheaper fabric versions of the carrier to save some money as these can be dangerous for the baby.
  • 3) Always check all the locking mechanisms and belt buckles to ensure that they fit correctly in their locks to avoid any accidents.
  • 4) Buy shoulder pads which fit your carrier as carrying the baby for long durations can put a strain on your shoulders. Well- paded comfortable shoulder straps will prevent this situation.
  • 5) Premature babies should not be carried in carriers as they cannot breathe properly in the congested fabric.
  • 6) Some carriers are designed to support heavier babies or toddlers but these can put an unnecessary strain on your spine and damage your posture. Switch to prams once your baby is old enough.

The above baby carriers buyer guide will help you choose the best carrier for your baby which will make your life easier in so many ways. You can complete your other jobs easily without having to worry about carrying the baby. A good carrier will also be beneficial for your baby as they tend to love the snug feeling that a carrier offers. Go for the best model as per your budget and requirements to carry your baby easily.

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