10 Best Baby Cribs 2017

A crib is among the most essential items you need to prepare before the baby’s arrival. This piece of furniture comes in different styles and sizes, so it’s important that you buy the right one for your child. So, if you’re in the market for it, check out this baby cribs review that will give you insights on a great product worth your dollar.

10 Best Baby Cribs Review 2017

Babyletto Modo Espresso/White Baby Crib 3-in-1 with Toddler Rail

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This baby crib exudes an air of elegance, with its lovely espresso and white color combination that will complement existing furniture pieces in the nursery. Most importantly, it’s a sleek and space-saving crib, which means there’s nothing to worry about if floor space is an issue. This is the kind of crib that grows with your child because it has a convertible feature. You can transform this crib into a toddler bed and daybed, and it even comes with everything you need to convert it into these styles.

Reason Why We Like: Made of durable and sustainable NZ pine wood and free from toxic finish or harmful chemicals, this crib is 100 percent safe for your baby. It also has 4 different adjustment levels for the mattress to keep your child comfortable all day and all night long.

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Trend Lab Baby Crib with Fleece Crib Rail Covers

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Soft and sturdy, these are key features of this baby crib by Trend Lab. It comes with polyester fleece padding for the rail covers and a waterproof backing, in case your baby makes a mess. What’s more, the rails are completely baby-safe and free from harmful toxins, so there’s no problem if your teething child bites on these areas. Easy to assemble and set up, you can have this crib ready for your child in minutes.

Reason Why We Like: We think that the most impressive selling point of this crib would be the rail covers with fleece padding. Aside from the fact that the rails do not contain harmful toxins, the padding make every section of the crib soft and baby-safe.

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Stork Craft4-in-1 Portofino Convertible Baby Crib with Changer

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This is one fine-looking crib that will make the nursery look even cozier and more elegant than ever. It has a sophisticated espresso color that is versatile enough to match your interior design. As for the construction of the crib, it is highly durable and sturdy as it is made of solid wood with non-toxic elements all around. It’s even practical because you can convert this furniture into 4 different styles such as a full size crib, daybed, full-size bed, and a toddler bed. Most importantly, there’s a changer attached to it, which adds to your convenience.

Reason Why We Like: This gorgeous baby crib is practical, elegant, and comfortable for your baby. There’s a changer connected to the crib, plus it’s durable to last for years – in case there’s baby number 2 or 3 on the way!

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Dream On Me with Multi-Position Mattress Convertible Baby Crib

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Whether you set it up as a regular crib or a toddler bed, there should not be any hassle doing so in minutes. Converting from one style to another is a breeze, and it only requires simple tools with minimal effort necessary. To add to the crib’s safety, the mattress can be adjusted in three different positions or heights. This is important since babies tend to climb and be at risk of falling out the crib once they are capable of standing or sitting up. Absolutely free from BPA, latex, lead, and phthalates, you can rest easy knowing that this crib is safe for your child’s health.

Reason Why We Like: The overall design of the crib is stunning with its perfect paint job and high quality solid wood for the frame. We also appreciate the mattress adjustment feature, which ensures the safety of your little one at all times.

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DaVinci 4-in-1 Emily Convertible Crib, White Finish

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A dainty-looking crib for the nursery, this lovely piece of furniture is not only easy on the eyes, but it offers a cozy sleeping area for your child. It’s made from sustainable and durable New Zealand pine wood, and there’s no visible hardware construction as a safety feature. When your baby is all grown up, you can convert this crib into a daybed, toddler bed and a full size bed. Just be sure to purchase the conversion kit as it’s not included in the package.

Reason Why We Like: DaVinci is known for its beautifully-crafted cribs, and this one is not an exception. We love the chic features of the crib and its practicality, as you can simply convert it into different styles suitable to your growing child’s needs.

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BreathableBaby Gray Mist Mesh Baby Crib Liner

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An outstanding crib liner that keeps your child comfortable at the same time, this breathable mesh liner is soft and safe for babies. It comes with an advanced technology that enhances air flow, so there is no risk of choking or suffocation, as well as entanglement. This crib liner is also machine-safe, so you can simply toss it into the washer to keep it clean. After washing, just hang and dry it – and it DOES dry quite fast! With a satin trim finish, this is a sophisticated-looking liner for your baby’s crib.

Reason Why We Like: To keep the mattress dry, this mesh liner is a great additional component to your baby’s crib. It’s breathable and soft against your child’s skin, which prevents any sense of discomfort while sleeping.

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4-in-1 Tuscany Convertible Baby Crib by Stork Craft

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Transform the nursery into something magical-looking with this charming baby crib by Stork Craft. It’s a convertible crib that can be transformed into 4 different styles to meet your baby’s needs as he or she grows up. Also, it comes with solid wood material and superior level of construction, so it’s the kind of crib that can last for years and years to come. The support base can be adjusted to promote security while making the crib highly stable for your curious child.

Reason Why We Like: When it comes to a stunning and practical piece of furniture for the nursery, this crib by Stork Craft is a smart investment to make It’s convertible, sturdy, and aesthetically-pleasant. Free from toxic chemicals, there’s absolutely no risk to your child’s health.

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Dream On Me 4-in-1 Aden Mini Crib with Convertible Design, French White

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A delicate-looking crib that is perfect for your precious child, this convertible crib in French White color by Dream On Me exudes sophistication and offers a comfortable sleep. It has a solid frame with a non-drop side rail, which adds to the safety of the crib. You can also adjust the mattress height depending on what is best for your baby. As your child gets older, you can convert the crib into a twin size bed, daybed, or toddler bed, although the twin size mattress and bed frame are not available in this package.

Reason Why We Like: Everything about this baby crib works – the design, function, features, and safety components. It also comes in a charming white color that’s sure to match every furniture in the nursery.

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Delta Children 4-in-1 Convertible Baby Crib in Espresso Cherry

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Functionality meets elegance in this convertible crib by Delta Children. It is made of sturdy wood, and there are no toxic elements added to enhance your baby’s safety. There is a toddler guardrail and four straight legs included, which are what you need once you convert it into a toddler bed. With three-position height adjustment for the mattress, you can customize the level according to what’s best for your little one.

Reason Why We Like: Assembly is a snap with this convertible baby crib, and this adds to the convenience in transforming it from one style to another. Plus, it’s got everything you need when the time comes to convert it into a toddler bed – still your baby’s safety guaranteed.

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DaVinci 4-in 1 Kalani Convertible Baby Crib in Espresso Color (with Toddler Rail)

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This crib is not only stunning, but it’s screened and certified to be free from more than 10,000 harmful chemicals and 360 VOCs. Constructed of New Zealand pine wood, it’s highly durable and stable. There are four adjustment levels for the mattress positions, unlike most cribs with only three, plus there’s a conversion kit included for the toddler bed. It’s a comfortable and safe haven for your child, which means your mind is at ease, too!

Reason Why We Like: Feature-rich, gorgeous, and safe, there are several things to love about this convertible baby crib by DaVinci. It’s a kind of furniture that grows with your child, so you can expect the best bang for your buck.

Baby Bouncer Buyer Guide

A crib is one of the primary purchases when you have a baby and it is important to buy the one which suits all your needs efficiently. A crib is a baby bed with an enclosure so that the baby sleeps comfortably all night without the risk of falling over. It also serves as a great play area for the baby when you want to complete your house chores. There are many different models and types of cribs available in the market and this baby cribs buyer guide will serve as a complete guide for you to make an informed purchase for your baby.

Factors to consider while buying a crib for your baby:

1) Type of crib

There are three basic types of cribs available in the market i.e. standard baby crib, convertible baby crib and portable baby crib. There are some other types like round crib, multi-purpose crib, and eco-cribs which are less popular and require more maintenance. The basic crib comes in the shape of a bed with enclosure rails on all sides. It contains a basic mattress and pillow. There are no advanced features in this model. The convertible baby crib has enclosures which drop-down to form a bed when your baby no longer prefers the crib. These models are not very safe as the drop down rails can prove to be very dangerous if not locked properly. They also convert into a day-bed and a toddler bed for when your baby grows older. The portable cribs or travel cribs have wheels or fabrics which help to move the crib and fold it whenever not in use. Buy a model which suits your budget and requirements.

2) Design

The design of the crib is the next feature you should consider. The distance between two columns of the enclosure is very important as it can be dangerous for the baby if the distance is too much. A complex design can also prove to be a hazard. Go for a simpler elegant design which serves your purpose. The pattern and theme of the crib should go well with your room and add to its decor. Softer colors will also soothe the baby and aid in sleeping. Some models also come with teething rails which can be fitted on basic wooden rails for when your baby starts teething.

3) Price

The price of the crib is an important factor to check before purchasing a crib. Usually, advanced models are more expensive than basic cribs. Your baby is going to use the crib for 18 to 24 months at least therefore, it is important to invest in a quality model which is sturdy and comfortable for the baby. Do not choose cheap plastic models for saving some money as these can prove to be disastrous in the long run. Avoid buying highly advance models which will become useless after a year.

4) Mattress

The most important part of the crib which will determine your baby’s interest in that model would be the mattress. The mattress should be comfortable and easy to clean so that it does not affect your baby’s health and body. Go for a soft mattress which is not too plush as this can damage the posture of the baby. A soft low pillow is also good for the baby and aids in sleep. It is also important to clean the mattress regularly to keep the germs away so buy one which is easy to remove and clean.

5) Assembly

Many cribs come with DIY assembly instructions these days and can be assembled at home easily. These models also have an advantage that they can be disassembled at any time and kept in a small space easily. Check for an instruction manual that comes with the crib to decide whether you can assemble it on your own easily or not as a poorly assemble crib poses a danger to the baby. Ask for help if you need it as a properly assembled crib is more sturdy and safe for the baby.

Apart from these main factors, there are some general tips and tricks you should know before you go for buying a crib for your baby:

  • 1) If you do not want to spend a lot of money on a new baby crib, go for a used one which serves your purpose. You will save some money but ensure that the used crib is completely safe and clean before making the purchase.
  • 2) Check the crib for all choking and strangulation hazards before buying it. Small splinters, steel parts, and screws can prove to be very dangerous for the baby.
  • 3) Sanitize the crib regularly and check for fungus and mildew in the mattress. Some store owners keep the cribs for display in the open or warm corners which can result in the growth of fungus.
  • 4) Fit the mattress tightly in the crib to avoid getting the baby stuck in the corners while playing or lying in the crib. You can also buy a new replaceable mattress when you feel that the old mattress is too dirty to clean at home.
  • 5) You can also buy a separate canopy for the crib if you want to take it outside in the park or during travels to shield the baby from direct sunlight.
  • 6) Drop down rails which convert the crib into a bed should be fitted very tightly before the baby is allowed to use it as loose brackets can result in a fall.

So these are some of the factors and features you need to check before buying a crib for your baby. This baby cribs buyer guide will help you get a great crib which suits all your requirements. This crib is going to be an important part of your baby’s toddler years and it will also be used multiple times if you reuse it for other babies in the family. Choose the one which your baby prefers as he or she is going to be the ultimate user of this crib and it is an important product made to provide them ultimate comfort and sound sleep.

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