10 Best Eyebrow Pencils in 2017

Eyebrows can make or break your complete makeup look. If you have thin or light brows, eyebrow pencils can make them look thicker and fuller in an instant. The brows are the most understated part of the face but the right brow makeup can make your face look more attractive and well-put together. Eyebrow pencils are easier to use on the go as compared to gels and cream brow products. If you are looking for some good eyebrow pencils, here are 10 popular pencils which work effectively in giving your brows a well-defined shape and volume:

10 Best Eyebrow Pencils Review 2017

10. L’Oreal Paris Cosmetics Stylist Definer Brow Liner

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This slender brow pencil from L’Oreal Paris comes in three shades namely Brunette, Blonde & Dark Brunette. The thin tip of 0.5 mm evens out the brows without making them look too made up. It gives a gradual shape to the brows and gives a natural look. This dual-ended brush has a pencil on one side and a brush on the other side to tease the hair to make them look fuller. The shades work well for all skin tones and the price is very affordable as compared to other pencils available in the market.

Why we like about it: This brow pencil is the perfect product if you want a good quality pencil on a budget. It defines the eyebrows with precision and makes them look fuller and thicker in a natural way.

9. Maybelline New York Define-A-Brow Eyebrow Pencil

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This fun and vibrant pencil from Maybelline comes in five shades which include medium brown, dark brown, dark blonde, light blonde and soft black. The formula is smear-proof and stays for 7-8 hours. The pencil comes with a built-in brow comb. This micro-mechanical brow pencil makes the eyebrows look sculpted and shapely. The formula is safe for sensitive eyes also. It is one of the cheapest brow pencils available in the market which works well and is of good quality. The five diverse shades work on complete range of skin tones.

Why we like about it: The price and functionality of this product make it one of the most popular brow pencils available in the market. The diverse shade range has something for every skin tone.

8. ANASTASIA Beverly Hills Brow Wiz Soft Brown

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With 10 diverse shades to offer, this pencil from one of the most popular brow brands, Anastasia Beverly Hills, is a bestseller for its natural finish. The shades range from a soft brown for lighter skin tones to ebony and granite for dark skin tones. It comes with a brush to comb the hair. The pencil is retractable so there is no product wastage at all. The soft and creamy formula glides effortlessly on the brows and can even be used as an eyeliner. The price is very high but the brand is known for its quality brow products.

Why we like about it: The water-resistant creamy formula creates the perfect brows every single time. The shade range is quite diverse and suits all skin tones.

7. NYX Micro Brow Pencil

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NYX is one brand which makes quality makeup products at an affordable price. This micro brow pencil allows you to define your eyebrows in a natural way. The fine tip fills the brows with precision and makes them look well-defined. It comes in many shades. The pencil also has a spoolie which gives a fuller appearance to the hair. The retractable nature of this pencil makes it last for a longer time as compared to sharpenable pencils.

Why we like about it: The ultra-fine tip of this pencil gives shape to the brows evenly and quickly. The price is also moderate as compared to other pencils.

6. Milani Easy Brow Automatic Pencil

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If you are looking for a natural brown pencil which does not cost a lot, this automatic brow pencil from Milani is the perfect buy. It comes in two shades which are dark brown and natural taupe. The packaging is classy and the product shapes and contours the brows easily. It is also one of the cheapest products in this category. The staying power is great with up to 8 hours of wear without any fading or smudging.

Why we like about it: The easy to use packaging and the price make this a great product to use on the go. The soft formula makes the brows look defined in no time.

5. BareMinerals Frame & Define Brow Styler

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With two universal shades to choose from, this all-in-one brow definer from BareMinerals makes things easy as it grooms and defines the brows with one swipe. The soft wax formula with castor seed oil not only gives shape to the eyebrows but also nourishes them. The colors suit all skin tones and give a natural finish to the hair. The thin tip gives precise application. The staying power of this product is also great as it gives well-groomed brows for 6-7 hours easily.

Why we like about it: The two universal shades make it easy to mix and match colors to suit all types of skin tones.

4. Kevyn Aucoin The Precision Brow Pencil

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This pencil from Kevyn Aucoin works well for thin and sparse eyebrows as it gives a fuller appearance to the hair. The pencil is available in five shades. The retractable packaging and water-resistant formula make this pencil one of a kind. The formula contains coconut oil and palm oil which hold the shape of the brows for longer. This pencil works well in hot and humid climates too without fading or smudging. The price is a little on the higher side but this product is loved by people for its brow defining effect.

Why we like about it: The formula of this pencil is easy and soft enough to blend the product into the brows to give them a natural effect.

3. Smashbox Brow Tech To Go Taupe Pencil

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A great multipurpose product which contains a brow pencil at one end and a brow gel at another, this pencil from Smashbox will give you smashing brows in just a few seconds. The formula is enriched with jojoba oil and vitamins to nourish the brows and make them look healthy. It stays for the whole day and gives a natural groomed look to the eyebrows. The soft gel holds the shape of the brows and adds sheen to the hair.

Why we like about it: The functionality of this product makes it an all-in-one brow product for thin and sparse brows. The price is moderate.

2. Revlon ColorStay Brow Pencil

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The water-proof and long-staying formula of this product with its angled tip allows for precise filling of brows without the need to worry about fading. It comes in five shades which are soft brown, dark brown, blonde, auburn and soft black. It glides easily and defines the brows without making them look too thick or unnatural. The soft and smooth product gives shape to the eyebrows and defines them perfectly.

Why we like about it: At this price, this is one of the most preferred eyebrow pencils available in the market because of its ease of use and soft formula.

1. Christian Dior Diorshow Brow Styler Ultra-Fine Precision Brow Pencil

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One of the most expensive brow pencils in the market, this styler from the house of Christian Dior is what luxury makeup is all about. It comes with a big price tag but the effects make it worth it. The pencil gives you dramatic brows in just a few minutes and makes your face look slender and groomed. The pencil comes with the product on one end and a brush on the other. The ultra-thin tip gives you neat and natural brows with its gentle formula and brush.

Why we like about it: If you want to try a natural and gentle brow pencil, this Dior bestseller is what you should try.

Eyebrow Pencils Buyer Guide:

The eyebrows are one of the most important features of the face and can redefine your whole look if done properly. Eyebrow pencils are a great way to give definition to your brows easily. There are many brow products out there in the market but you should buy the one which works on your eyebrows depending upon their shape and hair density. The following features should be kept in mind when you are buying an eyebrow pencil for filling and defining your eyebrows:

  • Formula

Choose a formula which is soft and smooth enough to glide on the brows easily without making them look crumpled or heavy. A product which stays for long is preferable as heat and humidity can fade the product easily. Try different formulas like pencils, gels and wax before settling on the one which suits your brows by making them look fuller and thicker.

  • Shade

One of the most important criteria for choosing a brow pencil is the shade. You should choose a shade which works for your skin tone and hair color. For example, if you have dark hair and a light skin tone, look for medium to soft black brow pencils as they suit the hair without making the brows look too stark against the pale skin tone. Go for lighter strokes and build up the color as per requirement. If you make your brows too pale to suit the skin tone, you will look tired and dull.

  • Packaging

A fine tip with an angled end fills the brows effectively in a natural way. A brush or spoolie should be used to tease the hair gently for a fuller look. Products which come with a brow gel are multipurpose as you can fill and set the brows with just one product. A compact and lightweight packaging should be preferred.

  • Price

When it comes to brow pencils, you can expect a diverse price range as there are good-quality products available in the range of 5$ to 55$ also depending upon the brand. You can choose the pencil depending upon the brand you prefer and how the product suits your skin tone.

Here are some general tips and tricks you should keep in mind when buying and using eyebrow pencils for getting the best out of them:

  • Always work with lighter strokes and work your way up by building the color as it is very easy to go wrong with brow pencils.
  • Buy retractable pencils which lead to less product wastage as there is no need to sharpen them frequently.
  • Do not choose a formula which is too soft as the pencil can break easily and the product can fade quickly due to heat and humidity.
  • You can also define the brows with the pencil and set them with a light holding gel to give them a neat shape and to make the product stay for a longer period.
  • Go for a shade which looks the most natural against your skin tone and hair color. Most brow pencils come in a universal shade which suits all kinds of skin tones.

So these are some of the most popular eyebrow pencils available in the market which make the brows look fuller and shapely without making them look too stark against the skin tone. These products are tried and tested by many people who want their brows to look neat and full. This eyebrow pencil buyer guide will help you choose the ideal brow pencil for your face which will add definition to your brows and make them look natural and healthy without making them too dramatic. Neatly defined brows can enhance your eyes and make your face look much more attractive so choose a pencil which enhances your brows in the most natural way.

Do you use eyebrow pencils to make your brows look fuller? Which is your favourite eyebrow pencil?

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