5 Best Korean BB Cream 2017

If you like makeup, you must be aware about the multipurpose product called a BB cream which aims to cover, conceal, sun protect, moisturize and correct with just one product which is a mix of skincare and makeup. Korean skincare products are famous for their path-breaking technology and skin-loving formulas with natural ingredients. Korean BB creams are used by many famous celebrities for their lightweight texture and intense coverage. They are known for their flawless color correction results and natural look. If you are looking for the most popular Korean BB creams available in the market, here is the list of 5 best BB creams which are popular for their coverage and skin benefits:

5 Best Korean BB Cream Review 2017

5. CLIO Water Me PLS BB (SPF30,PA++)

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With SPF 30 and PA++, this BB cream is a foundation, moisturizer and sunscreen rolled into one. It comes in a classy packaging with a cap. The texture of the BB cream is lightweight which provides medium coverage. The sun protection is adequate and you do not need an additional sun screen when you are using this BB cream. It gives a sheer dewy finish after it sets. Using a beauty blender or sponge to apply this cream gives a sheer natural finish. The staying power of this cream is what makes it unique as it stays for around 6-7 hours without fading. The BB cream does not make the skin oily or dry and gives a velvety moisturized look without looking shiny or greasy. Another great thing about this product is that it photographs well despite containing SPF. Normally SPF products can turn ashy under flash but this BB cream does its job well with or without flash. You do not need to apply a primer beneath this cream as it looks great without the primer also. There are no visible pores or uneven skin tone once the product sets on the skin.

Why we like it This BB cream is a great multipurpose product which eliminates the need to use 3-4 different products every day. It provides good coverage and works for special occasions too. The added SPF is another great feature.

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4. Dr. Jart+ Waterfuse Beauty Balm

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The unique technology of this BB cream is what makes it the perfect choice for ladies with dry skin. It is made up of water bead technology which hydrates the skin and makes it look soft and supple. This formula contains 50% water and other skin-loving ingredients which protect the skin. The cream comes in just one shade which claims to suit all skin tones. This product has added SPF 25 which protects the skin from sun damage too. The cream does not contain any harmful ingredients like sulphates and phthalates which harm the skin. Another good point about this BB cream is that it is fragrance free so it can be used on sensitive skins also. The texture of the BB cream is lightweight and it provides sheer coverage. It does not break out the skin or make it look oily or shiny. The best way to apply this cream is too use your fingers in upward motion to dab the product into the skin. You can also use a beauty blender or brush if you are not comfortable with fingers.

Why we like it The percentage of water in this formula is a boon for dry skin as there are very few BB creams which suit this type of skin. The dewy and even coverage it provides with sun protection is another great benefit as it does not make the skin look oily.

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3. Skin79 Super+ Beblesh Balm Bb Cream VIP Gold

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This triple function beauty balm with the goodness of essential oils is an ideal skincare product for nourishing the skin and providing coverage with just one multipurpose product. It has a soft and smooth texture which is easy to apply and covers all the dark and dull spots on the skin with just one layer. With SPF 30 and UVA and UVB protection, this BB cream is the one product you need to do your makeup in just one minute. The packaging of this cream is also very classy with pump dispenser and gold bottle. The sweet almond oil and sunflower seed oil with collagen make the skin look hydrated and plump with even coverage. The cream also contains an ingredient called Arbutin which inhibits melanin production in the skin. This makes the skin look fairer and radiant. It also reduces the appearance of freckles and dark spots. This cream also comes in a pink version which is suitable for oily skin whereas this gold version is great for dry skin as the texture is rich.

Why we like it The Arbutin extracts make this cream a mild bleaching cream which makes the skin look even and brighter with continuous use. The packaging of this BB cream is also very practical and looks classy. The cream’s coverage and ingredients make it the perfect skincare and makeup product combined in one.

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2. Holika Holika Aqua Petit jelly BB Cream

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The jelly-like texture of this cream is what makes it super fun to use on the skin. This cream is made up of 80% mint water which plumps up the skin and makes it super hydrated. It comes in a fun and compact packaging with a polka dotted cap. It comes in two shades which can be used for different skin tones. The ingredients of this cream include marine jelly which gives a lift to the face and controls sebum effectively. The staying power of this cream is about 5-6 hours in hot and humid summers and 7-8 hours in dry winters. It gives light to medium coverage with a matte finish which looks even and radiant. The price of this BB cream is a little on the higher side but the finish it provides is very natural and flawless. The ingredients are also beneficial to the skin and make it look hydrated. It covers dark circles and blemishes easily with just a few drops of the product. Another great thing about this cream is that is smells amazing and blends flawlessly into the skin. Use a foundation buffing brush to pat the product into the skin without any difficulty. This will also help in getting an even finish.

Why we like it The sebum control capacity of this BB cream with the jelly-like texture makes it a great multipurpose product for dry to combination skin. The fragrance of the cream is another factor which makes this BB cream very popular.

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1. MISSHA M Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42

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With 42 SPF, this BB creams contains one of the highest SPF concentrations in the BB cream market. It has ingredients with skin soothing properties which make it a great skincare product too. It gives a natural finish and makes it look even without any dark spots. The cream also prevents wrinkles and works on dark spots to make the skin look even better. This BB cream contains caviar and algae extracts which make it glide evenly on the skin and help the product to get absorbed into the skin. The presence of seed oils in the cream makes it a hydrating formula for dry skin. The cream comes in an exhaustive range of shades ranging from light to dark skin tones. The quantity of product justifies the price as this cream provides excellent coverage with medium to high cover for blemishes and dark spots. You just need one drop of the product for the whole face so this tube will last easily for 3-4 months. The packaging of this cream is also compact and travel friendly.

Why we like it The ingredients of this BB cream help it get absorbed into the skin and provide flawless coverage with absolutely no shine or oiliness. The high SPF factor is also very beneficial for the skin and protects the skin from sun damage and wrinkles.

Korean BB Cream Buyer Guide:

If you want to try a BB cream, it is important to consider a few factors before buying the product so that you get the best of beauty and skincare in one multipurpose product. BB creams are the new foundations as they are preferred over heavy formulas in the hot and humid summers. There are a lot of BB creams available in the market but first read these tips and tricks which will make it easier for you to make a decision regarding which BB cream you should buy for your skin:

  • SPF

The most important feature of any skincare regime is a solid sun protection which protects the skin from the harsh rays of the sun. Combining any makeup or skincare product with a separate sunscreen can make the application look patchy or uneven. A BB cream which has added SPF in its formula should be chosen so that the need for using a separated sunscreen is eliminated. An SPF of 25 and above is good enough for daily use with added UVA and UVB protection. If your BB cream does not have SPF, it is not a good multipurpose product to buy.

  • Coverage

The main reason for using a BB cream and not a moisturizer is that we also need some coverage for targeting skin concerns like dark spots, uneven skin, sun damage, wrinkles, dark circles etc. BB creams are not exactly foundations but they should provide light to medium coverage and add to the radiance of the skin. The texture of the product should be light on the skin without any heavy feeling. The coverage can be built according to the requirement with layering. BB creams are packed with different skincare benefits and should be chosen only if the cream provides enough coverage with multiple skincare benefits. This will make it a perfect all-in-one product which is good for the skin and makes it look better too.

  • Ingredients

The ingredients of BB creams vary in different versions as all creams target different skincare concerns. Ingredients like vitamin C & E with essential oils nourish the skin and reduce any cell damage. Some creams also contain anti-ageing ingredients like Hyaluronic acid which help fill wrinkles and reduce fine lines. Creams which are water or gel based work better on oily skin and oil-based creams work on dry skins which need some nourishment. Check the consistency of the cream by doing a patch test on the skin to see how the ingredients work on your skin.

  • Price

BB creams can cost anywhere between 10 dollars to 100 dollars depending upon the brand and ingredients. Creams with rare ingredients can cost more but they make the skin look youthful and smooth. Choose a cream which provides enough coverage and has skin-loving ingredients and comes within your budget. BB cream is a daily staple product and expensive creams will only add to the expenses as they offer lesser quantity at a higher price. Look online for deals and discounts which can help you get your ideal product within your budget.

  • Packaging

Choose a cream which comes in a compact and easy to use packaging as you will be using this cream daily. An elaborate packaging with risk of breakage can only add to your time in the morning as they need to be handled very carefully. A small travel-friendly tube can be carried easily in the purse for touch-ups on the go. These days powder BB creams are also available which come with a sponge applicator to make things easier for working and travelling women.

So these are some of the best BB creams available in the market in terms of coverage and skin benefits. Choose from these products if you want to try the award-winning Korean BB creams which are loved by people across the world. This buyer’s guide will help you choose the ideal BB cream for your skin within your budget.

Have you tried BB creams? Which is your favourite brand when it comes to BB creams?

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